Relationship-Revving Gifts for Lovers This Holiday (Better Than a Spa Date Night)

“I don’t need a lot of presents to make my Christmas bright. I just need my baby’s arms wound around me tight …” Elvis crooned the sentiment true lovers feel whether celebrating Jesus’s birth, Hanukkah or ringing in the New Year, and he didn’t need to mention a spa date night to do it.

One click over to the Hallmark channel and the magic of the holidays appears. For certain, the season raises emotional levels. Depending where your couple status or relationship health lies, both positive and negative emotions run high at this time of year.

The heartfelt sentiment of a holiday gift can work wonders. It can bridge a gap, heal a wounded heart or deepen your feelings for each other. Plus, the right gift can extend the love beyond the holidays and into the new year.

With the hope of spreading good cheer to all relationships this season, the folks at Datelivery have compiled a list of inspirational gifts. You might find the perfect one among them; or the list may spark an idea of letting your partner know your most heartfelt feelings.

Choosing the Perfect Gift, Perhaps a Spa Date Night

Striving to find the perfect gift for that special someone can be stressful. But, you can rest assured that there is no one perfect gift. Chances are, any gift you present to your sweetheart will be adored. Keeping the situation in the right perspective and following a few simple tips will help get you on your way to giving a fantastic present this holiday season.

To give yourself the proper perspective, you need to get a few myths out of your head and replace them with a few truths about getting a gift for your partner. Your focus should not be on:

  • Cost.
  • Trends.
  • Extravagance.
  • Reputation.
  • You.

Instead, it should be on:

  • Communication.
  • Meaning.
  • Your partner.

Take heed of some hints from “Huffington Post” to make your holiday shopping less stressful and more successful. In an article timed for the holidays, the publication suggests these nine tips for getting the perfect gifts. Take these to heart and your partner will love the gift you give.

  • Get creative with the presentation: Wrap the gift in a unique way. Create mystery with clues. Devise a scavenger hunt to find the gift.
  • Give an experience: Doing is better than simply getting. Think tickets to the theater. A starry night at the park observatory. An afternoon at the arcade.
  • Think about your partner’s interests: Write down everything you can about your partner in two minutes. Brainstorm gifts for each item. See how the ideas come together.
  • Consider your memories: Reminiscing connects us. Relive a childhood memory. Visit a memorable spot from your early dating days. Turn your wedding vows into a song.
  • Ask yourself what your partner needs: Productivity boosters for the busy business person. A modern mixer for the budding pastry chef. Paint supplies for the DIYer.
  • Do some snooping: Pay attention to wish lists and clues that are given in casual conversation. Amazon lists, Facebook feeds and good old-fashioned listening reveal much about your partner.
  • Put your heart into it: Your partner loves you. Use your unique personality and skills to create a personal gift. Write a story. Build a shelf. Sing a song.
  • Go for a laugh: Laughter bonds couples in unexpected ways. Add humor in the gift itself or the wrapping of it.
  • Be charitable: Do you both strongly believe in giving back? Consider making a charitable donation or sponsoring a child in lieu of gifts.

Once you are in the right mindset, it is time to move on to coming up with the perfect gift idea. Here are some great ideas your partner is sure to love:

  • A Night of Stars
    Did the stars align the day you first saw your love? Maybe your wedding day or first kiss was the moment you knew your relationship was destined for greatness. Choose a date and location with significance to your relationship, and get a customized, framed night sky print that shows the way the stars looked on that night.
  • Custom Portrait
    Turn a favorite photo into a memory. An image of the two of you, a beloved pet or your children becomes a work of colored-pencil art in the hands of this Etsy artist. All you need to do is send a high-quality photo, and you will receive a custom portrait at a reasonable cost. It’s a beautiful way to express your love to your sweetheart.
  • Sexy Truth or Dare
    A great stocking stuffer or gift for the budget-conscious, sexy truth or dare pushes the boundaries and raises the seduction in your relationship. One hundred printed sticks take you beyond your physical intimacy comfort zone so you can break out of your relationship rut and connect in unexpected ways!
  • Literary Connection
    If you and your sweetheart both love to read, consider choosing a book to read together. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman is an easy read that serves as a relationship-changing tool. You can also choose novel, The Sense of an Ending like by Julian Barnes, which packs a powerful punch in the subtlest way possible.
  • Culinary Delight
    If you and your partner enjoy turning up the heat in the kitchen, try a meal delivery service. Companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh deliver pre-measured ingredients for easy-to-whip-up, chef-made-caliber recipes to your door. Pour a couple glasses of wine, turn on the music and cook up a little romance.
  • Chocolate
    If sweetness is more your style, you cannot go wrong with chocolate. Gift your partner the Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit and turn it into a seductive and entertaining date in the kitchen. Decadent chocolate, Himalayan sea salt, peppermint, vanilla and coconut flakes come in the box ready for your creative touch in making these customized treats.
  • Techy Love Note
    For couples separated by miles, the Love Box Spinning Heart Messenger brings you together. A tech version of a love note, the chunky heart on the box spins when a message is sent via an easy-to-use app. Recipients just open the box to read the message on the screen inside. Your love can even send a shower of digital hearts back to you.
  • Matching Tattoos
    Head to your favorite tattoo artist and get inked together. Matching or coordinating tattoos link you to your partner in a unique way. A quick web search will give you a plethora of ideas. Choose one both you and your partner will love, or design your own. Choose a private location that only the two of you know about, or wear your heart on your sleeve for all to see.
  • Conduct a Private Photo Shoot
    A picture is worth a thousand words. For couples with a passion for photography, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 makes for a fun gift. Set up a personal, at-home photo shoot to capture your love for each other. This camera immediately prints photos in the perfect size to pop in your wallet.
  • Take Time Away From it All
    Extending the holidays with a little R&R makes for a dreamy gift. Choose a romantic and memorable location and plan some time away. Celebrate the New Year together or warm up the chilly months by heading to someplace tropical.
  • Tackle Your Bucket List
    Dreaming together brings couples closer. The Date Night Bucket List gives you pre-printed date suggestions. Just pick a stick, and do whatever it says. For an even greater connection, write your own dreams on Popsicle sticks, and mix them in with the pre-printed ones.
  • Date Night Delivery
    For a gift that keeps giving throughout the year, you can’t beat a monthly date night box subscription from Datelivery. Datelivery brings you the tools you need to stay connected to your partner once the holidays wind down and the hectic nature of everyday life resumes. This gift makes your partner a priority all year long. All you need to do is order your subscription. Scroll down for a great holiday offer from Datelivery.

Better Than a Spa Date Night?

A spa date night is a solid go-to holiday gift, but this year think outside the box. Give your partner a gift that brings the two of you together and strengthens your relationship.

Datelivery wants to give you a FREE date night box. Just head to Datelivery to claim your FREE date night box now! While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a box or two for your friends.

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