The Legacy of Love Date Night




Creating a legacy takes planning, time, and investment. As a long time client of Datelivery you know that each and every date night is designed to help you draw closer to your partner.

This month’s date night is all about creating the legacy of love that you and your partner need to build an unshakeable foundation.

When we take time to plan, reflect, and discover what we believe our long term legacy will be it helps us behave in a different way on a daily basis.

You and your partner know that all those daily acts of love are what will build and support the legacy you’re trying to build.

In this month’s date night box you’re going to find the tools, questions, and activities that will help you map out and follow that path that will help you continue to create the ultimate legacy of love.

Get ready to reconnect, laugh, and love a little deeper with this special date night.

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