Be A Kid Again Date Night




According to Dr. Steve Stephens “Couples who know how to play and have fun together, develop a bond that can carry them through the most difficult of times.” And we agree!

As an adult, yes you have responsibilities, jobs and families to take care of, but there is no rule that says that once you are an adult you can’t drop the worries and have fun too. In fact, whenever possible you should act, play and have fun just as kids do. Why? Because it’s good for your relationship.

Now, My Little Pony or Tickle Me Elmo may not be exactly suitable, but there are some common kid activities that will forever be suitable for any age and we’ll show you! We’ve created a date night full of fun “kid” things that will allow for you to relive your childhood days. So get ready because we’re transporting you back to the days where your biggest worry was not getting caught in tag.

We encourage you to fully release your inner kid. Get fully involved in the date night and even add some of your own kid like activities. Feel free to post pictures of your date night to our social media outlets and let others see just how fun of a couple you are!

As with all of our boxes, this box is designed to give you and your mate a novel date night experience that will hopefully lead to a night of bonding. So turn the page to read about your date, pick an evening that you both are free and get ready to be a kid again!

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