A Date Night in Paris




Ever wish you and your mate could travel more? Not just see another place, but actually learn about it, try the local foods and have fun while doing it all. The upside of traveling with your mate is that you gain enlightenment. You learn new things, not only about the place you’re visiting, but also about each other. In addition, you share a new experience, you develop new topics for conversation and you create new memories.  Each of these things enables you to deepen your connection and in return strengthen your relationship.

While we are aware that different factors keeps some from being able to jet-set whenever they wish, however, that doesn’t mean you still can’t indulge yourself in a different culture every once in awhile and share a unique experience together. In this Parisian date night get ready to cook what the locals eat regularly, partake in an activity that the city is known for and learn some interesting facts via a fun game!

We encourage you to really engulf yourself in your date night. Come up with some of your own special touches to enhance your evening. Also, there is a free subscription box to be won this month, so be sure to post pictures of your date night to our social media outlets. 

As with all of our boxes, this box is designed to give you and your mate a novel date night experience that will hopefully lead to a night of bonding. So pick a night that you both are free and get ready to become a Parisian for one night.

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