January Date in a Box: A New Year’s Keepsake

Posted February 9th, 2015

January's Date in a box“This was a great way to start off our New Year! Enjoyed spending time creating some relationship resolutions and a unique keepsake for each other, and the Trivia game was so much fun!” ~Alex S.

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Each New Year presents us with an opportunity to start afresh in many areas of our lives. Some of us make resolutions to improve our overall health, while others set financial and career goals to strive for. Since it is common for most people to focus on personal improvements, we want to encourage you to put a focus on your relationship as well.

In this date night, you will create resolutions that will help you maintain and improve the quality of your relationship. You’ll start the date night out by creating a keepsake item for each other. Your keepsake items will need to serve dual purposes. It will need to be something that your mate can carry with them, display or use every day, as it will also be the place your resolutions are listed/posted. Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a really fun way for you to create these resolutions.

Trust us this date night will  have you bonding, laughing and having a good time. You’ll enjoy great laughs while you engage in our New Years Trivia game, and most imortantly you will create a great keepsake that you can view daily with commitments you each made to your relationship like “I resolve to kiss you every day” or I resolve to “make you laugh at least once a day”.

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