Mentoring: Boost Your Date of the Month Club for Couples Results

Happy New Year! Hopefully, you and your sweetheart have been enjoying your latest edition of your datebox of the month club for couples. When the calendar flipped to January, the new year brought with it new opportunities.

January is national mentoring month. So, it presents the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to give back to your community by becoming mentors. It does not take much to be a mentor — all you need is the desire to help others. Plus the benefits you get back are well worth the effort. If becoming mentors is something you and your partner want to do together, keep reading for some fantastic ways to make that dream come true.

Benefits of Mentoring

When you engage in a mentoring experience, not only are you helping others, you are also helping yourself. Here are some of the benefits you and your partner can expect when you begin mentoring:

  • The chance to reflect on the importance of doing something good for others.
  • Enhances your personal and relationship satisfaction.
  • Helps you develop multiple personal relationships.
  • Allows you to impart your experience and knowledge to others.
  • Allows you to practice interpersonal skills.


If you and your partner are athletically inclined, consider coaching a local youth sports league. Most communities have youth leagues for every sport imaginable. More often than not, these programs are desperate for coaches. You and your sweetheart can band together and coach a team of kids who are anxious to learn everything you have to offer. Teaching kids the proper techniques of a sport can help ensure they stay physically active and healthy throughout their lives. Plus, teaching them the importance of good sportsmanship can instill lifelong interpersonal skills that they can apply to other aspects of their lives. As you work together with your love, you can bond while helping kids improve their sports skills.


Tutoring kids is another great option for mentoring young people. Schools and after-school programs are always looking for qualified adults to help mentor students in their studies. Education is crucially important for developing minds. Helping young people at this critical time in their lives can have untold benefits for them that will last the rest of their lives. You and your partner can spread the wealth even more by creating an entire study group. Each of you can focus on the subjects you are stronger in and create a group of several students so you can help more students at the same time.

Big Brother/Big Sister

One of the best mentoring opportunities out there is participating in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program. This organization helps children reach their potential through the help of adult mentors. Many of the children who enter this program come from disadvantaged backgrounds and crave the stability that spending time with an adult mentor can bring. When you and your partner embark on this endeavor together, your efforts can help keep kids off of drugs and alcohol, encourage them to stay in school and teach them how to have respect for others and themselves. In short, your efforts and those of your partner can go a long way in instilling the values that help create responsible, accountable, loving and capable adults.

Career Coach

Mentoring does not need to be reserved for children. You and your sweetheart can also work together as career coaches. You do not need to be in the same profession to work collaboratively in this manner. As career coaches, you and your partner can help others in their endeavors to improve their careers. When you work with others as a career coach, you will help people determine what their best career moves are and what professions may best suit their skill sets. You will help them develop solid career plans and ultimately teach people how to invest in themselves.

Mentoring Skills

Becoming a mentor is an altruistic goal that can do wonders for both the mentor and protege. To be a successful mentor who has a positive impact on the people you work with, follow these tips:

  • Establish expectations and ground rules.
  • Set goals with your proteges.
  • Take a personal interest in your proteges.
  • Listen first, then ask question and then give advice.
  • Both mentor and protege should be accountable to the other.
  • Do not let stereotypes get in the way of helping your protege.
  • Be willing to share information about your own mistakes.

Lead by example.

Becoming mentors together can help you and your partner individually and as a couple. Reaching out to others and offering your skills, knowledge and expertise will not only help others in your community, it will also help you and your sweetheart grow closer together. After an incredible day of mentoring together, reward yourselves by checking out how you can have romantic date nights at home with a datebox of the month club for couples. Each box contains all the supplies you need to have an engaging date night in the comfort of your home. Right now, you can get 10 percent off when you use the promo code STRONG19.