Renew Relationships This Holiday With Monthly Gift Clubs for Couples

Spreading good cheer, health and wellness during this season of gifting delights family and friends. It also brightens your spirits as well. To help spread the joy this year, take time to evaluate the relationships in your life. Pause for a moment and ask yourself if your relationships are healthy. Think about what would improve them. Since this is the season of giving, consider giving a gift that builds health into the relationships that are most important to you. A perfect gift idea for your sweetheart can be found in monthly gift clubs for couples.

Relationships of all kinds need to be evaluated. Any time there are two people related to each other, whether it be plutonic friendships, romantic parters or family relationships of all kinds, there is room for both hurt and healing. Even the healthiest and most secure relationships have room for improvement. Read on to learn more about evaluating the meaningful relationships in your life.

Healthy Relationships

Social connections offer more than a fun night out. The benefits of strong relationships extend to the body, mind and spirit. They impact both short-term and long-term health. They make all people healthier and happier. Surprisingly, the effects of strong relationships are as powerful as eating right, not smoking and having adequate sleep.

Every relationship looks different. One friend drags you out for a night of laughter when you need stress relief. Another brings ice cream and lets you vent. A family member may see you once a year, but the connection remains strong. Your partner brings romantic intimacy. All of these relationships are proof of the joy of connection and contain characteristics that are indicative of healthy bonds.

How to Identify a Healthy Relationship

Relationships with friends, family and romantic partners need to have value for both individuals to be healthy. When the people in your life think a relationship is good for you, you are likely headed in the right direction.

All relationships go through tough times. Conflict is a given when two people live, work or recreate together for any length of time. Running at the first sign of difficulty or avoiding conflict makes weakens connections. Good relationships experience more good times than bad. Signs of a healthy relationship include:

  • Treating each other with respect.
  • Communicating clearly.
  • Trusting each other.
  • Speaking honestly.
  • Feeling at ease and secure.
  • Tackling conflicts head-on.
  • Enjoying time together.
  • Supporting each other’s individuality.
  • Encouraging each other’s friendships.
  • Taking interest in each other’s activities.
  • Check out more healthy relationship characteristics here.)

Ideas to Fortify Healthy Connections

Strong relationships need continual maintenance. Intentionally investing in your connection propels good to great and great to amazing. Whether you plan to get together with a friend, spend time with your child or go on date night with your partner, you can enhance your connection. Here are some easy way to enhance the health of a stable relationship:

  • Spend time together regularly, monthly gift clubs for couples can help you out.
  • Ask each other about interests, feelings, dreams.
  • Be fully-present and listen.
  • Know how to make your partner feel loved and respected.
  • Believe the good about each other.
  • Express appreciation.
  • Daydream together.

Why You Need Strong Relationships

People need each other. Relationships fill our souls. Relationships teach us how to love and be loved. Interacting with others teaches us about ourselves. Strong interpersonal relationships offer support in stressful circumstances and camaraderie in ordinary life experiences. Trusting relationships provide stability, emotional well-being and better physical health.

Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationships are damaging to personal health. The stress, emotional suffering and loneliness of unhealthy connections lead to weakened immune systems, depression, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, slower disease recovery and more. People in struggling relationships also suffer from decreased happiness and tend to have shorter life spans.

Healing unhealthy connections restores the benefits strong social connections bring. Taking proactive steps to improve your relationships puts you in control. But, first you need to determine if your relationship is unhealthy.

How to Identify an Unhealthy Relationship

For a relationship to be healthy, both involved parties need to engage in behaviors that help to propel it forward. If either person does not work to respect and honor the other, the relationship is not healthy.

No relationship is perfect. Communication gaps, conflict and tough times happen in all relationships. The way you and your partner handle these issues defines the health of your relationship. Working through the trying times with humility, forgiveness and open communication help to solidify your bond. The first step of repairing an unhealthy relationship is to notice it. Some defining actions of an unhealthy relationship are when one of the partners:

  • Controls or manipulates.
  • Dictates the other’s choices.
  • Makes fun of the other.
  • Fails to listen or talk honestly.
  • Discourages other friendships.
  • Gets jealous over ordinary behavior.
  • Controls resources or money.
  • Avoids spending time together
  • Physically forces or emotionally threatens the other.
  • Fears the other.

Ideas for Strengthening Unhealthy Relationships

Not all unhealthy relationships are doomed. If both parties commit to improving their interactions, magic can happen and damaging cycles can be broken. But, the magic takes time and effort. Start slow and understand that you may experience setbacks. Be patient. Lifehack provides the following suggestions for strengthening a struggling relationship:

  • Prioritize your relationship.
  • Accept the reality of disappointment.
  • Refuse to insult or belittle your partner.
  • Don’t lay blame on the other.
  • Learn to communicate well.
  • Forgive when appropriate.
  • Focus on the good.

You can access the entire list here.

When You Might Need to Say Goodbye

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the bad simply outweighs the good. Relationships that demonstrate more unhealthy habits than healthy ones can be in danger, and saying goodbye might be the best option. The following red flags may indicate that you need to end your relationship:

  • Your partner does not return your efforts.
  • You feel unsafe.
  • Your partner gets violent.

If it is time to end the relationship, make a clean break. Find positive ways to fill the void and ask for support from your friends and family.

Spread Holiday Cheer Year Round

Show your love this holiday season by giving the gift of improved relationship health. As you shop this holiday season, make your gift last for more than one day. Look for options that spread holiday cheer all year long. The magic of the season lasts the entire year when you remember the true reason behind why you give gifts to the people you love.

Ideas for Gifting Relationship Health

A quick visit to Amazon promises plenty of gift ideas delivered to your door just in time for the holiday. But, finding a personal, relationship-building option takes more thought and time, and the benefits are worth the investment. Giving a gift to someone close to your heart does not need to come with a large price tag. Here are some suggestions that won’t cost you anything:

  • Commit to actively listening.
  • Give a gift that speaks your sweetheart’s love language.
  • Cut down (or eliminate) negative comments.
  • Engage in a new activity together.
  • Go to relationship counseling if needed.
  • Sign up for a date box subscription.

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The calendar ticks closer to gift-giving days. You must be quick to jump on these ideas to boost the relationship health around you. Don’t let the opportunity slip away! Spread good cheer, health and wellness to your family and friends.

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