Is There Room for Procrastination in Relationships?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, seeking out the perfect gift once again goes into full-force. It is no surprise that procrastination can rear its ugly head, as the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year is not that far behind us. Unfortunately, procrastination can quickly and easily turn from an innocent slip-up to a toxic way-of-life. But, procrastination does not always need to be negative. Keep reading to learn about ways that procrastination can work positively by making date night into something special.

Prioritizing Responsibilities

Life is a hectic grind. Events, mishaps, responsibilities and obligations all pile up to create a quagmire to wade through on a daily basis. Sometimes, things slip through the cracks, and sometimes those things are important like bills, loans, birthdays and appointments. If you are in a serious relationship, daily commitments affect two people’s lives. When it is simply impossible to get everything done in a timely manner, it is time for purposeful procrastination. Prioritizing the items on your do-do list will help you get everything done without forgetting anything significant. If you must make sacrifices in the process, make sure they are surmountable and not devastating to any part of your life. Take an active role in the struggle and own it if you have to procrastinate with certain tasks to make room or time for others.

Here is an example: If you and your love have been anticipating a romantic evening on the town for weeks but on the day of the anticipated event your boss asks you to stay late at work. Although working late means putting off your much-needed date night until a later date, winning points with your boss can easily pay off with a promotion or pay raise down the line. So, despite disapointing both you and your mate, prioritizing your job over your planned date night can easily benefit the both of you in the end.

Putting Your Partner’s Needs First

Putting your partner’s needs first is a noble way to procrastinate. Whether it involves making financial commitments to your mate’s education instead of buying new kitchen counters or visiting your inlaws instead of going on a romantic weekend getaway your partner will appreciate delays that make him or her a priority. It doesn’t always have to be big or serious diversions. You can put off a home project for another day to take care of your ailing sweetheart or you can surprise your love with tickets to a game instead of watching your favorite television show. Putting off your wants or needs in favor of your mate’s will pay off in the end.

Making Adult Decisions

Unless you are incredibly lucky, there will be times when money is tight. During these times, you may need to put your plans for a dream vacation or home renovations aside and instead focus on paying down your student debt and spending your extra money on root canals or childcare expenses. Sharing a life doesn’t always mean sharing a home or sharing finances, but when it does, together you have to make mature choices and save the fun for later.

This joint sacrifice, however, allows for growth in a relationship. Weathering the storm together and building a foundation of trust creates a bond between the two of you. It renews your commitment to each other as you anticipate the fruits of your labor and a time when you can be more frivolous and carefree.

Waiting for the Right Moment

In a relationship, timing can sometimes be everything. Imagine finding the perfect gift for your love’s birthday even though the event is several months away. This situation has the equal possibility of being either disappointing or awesome. You simply have to make your move and hope for the best. You also need to wait for the right moment to take any big step in your relationship. Every big milestone you experience as a couple requires a decision on the right time to take a leap. Whether you decide how to act together or on your own, this type of deliberate procrastination is a thoughtful and responsible way of planning for the future.

If procrastination makes an appearance in your relationship, make sure it is purposeful and well intentioned.

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