Happily Ever…After Valentine’s Day?

So unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last 2 months, you are fully aware that “Valentine’s Day” was on February 14th. It’s that time of year where the smell of roses and chocolates fill the air and couples go the extra mile to make the day special for each other. They typically go all out and either dine at a fancy restaurant or stay at home and cook a nice meal and pour a glass of their best wine. Men are proud that they had a dozen long stemmed red roses delivered and in return women pull out that “special occasion” lingerie. They increase Hallmark’s stock with purchases of $5 greeting cards that explain the feelings that they have for each other in words they could never come up with. Yes this is indeed a wonderful time of year for couples and I do hope that everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day.

I can personally say, my Valentine’s day was extra special. My husband planned for a surprise road trip to a destination that we had never been to before. He sent me an Evite telling me that we would be going somewhere for the weekend and what I needed to pack. It was a great and memorable getaway!

So now that another Valentine’s day has come and gone I have a few questions for couples. What happens after Valentine’s Day has passed? Are you stuck possibly waiting a whole year to share another meaningful, romantic, fun, intimate and unique time with your spouse? Do you know the next time your mate will do something this special for you?

In a recent article Dr. Karen Sherman states:  “As a relationship expert, I would suggest that Valentine’s Day continue throughout the year. It would serve your relationship far better if, on a consistent basis, you extended all sorts of positive behavior to your mate … not just in February.”

I couldn’t agree more. My thoughts is that couples should devote time to doing special things for each other on a frequent and consistent basis. Regardless of if you’re in the early stages of dating, newlyweds or have been married for 30+ years, thoughtful gestures remind your mate just how much they mean to you and also build a connection. Valentine’s day should really just be another day of romance on top of all of the others that you have throughout the year.

Based on my reactions to my husband’s Valentine’s Day trip, I’m sure he could certainly tell that I appreciated this gesture. For both of us that was just a reinforcement to continue doing more things like this (even if on a smaller scale) all year round to show each other that Valentine’s Day is not an exception to every other day but an addition to every other day. “If you can pay attention to each other, when next Valentine’s Day comes along, you won’t even have to worry about a gift or a special night out. You will have been romancing your partner all year long!” (Dr. Karen Sherman).

So with all that said, just remember to take the romantic feelings that you had towards your mate on February 14th and apply them throughout the rest of the year on a frequent basis. Please don’t be like Mr. and Mrs.Stick-Figure (See Image below), who have probably just had their last date night! 🙂


Do you agree that romantic gestures shouldn’t be limited just to special occasions? What kind of year around  positive behaviors do you extend to your mate?

~Datelivery Team~

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