Fiesta Friday Date Night in Celebration of National Margarita Day

In celebration of Friday and #NationalMargaritaDay try having a Mexican Fiesta date night at home instead of going out!

Challenge each other to making the best unique flavored Margarita Ex. Raspberry Mojito Margarita (non alcoholic if you don’t drink)

Then while you sip, cook up a nice Mexican dinner TOGETHER. Here is a really quick and easy chicken enchilada recipe!

Make a nice Mexican dessert if you wish- Rice Pudding is a good easy one.

Afterwards work off all that good food trying to Salsa! (you should be able to find an online video that can help with this)

Go as far out as you like, long skirts, ponchos!

It is Friday, have fun, let your hair down, enjoy date night with your mate! Adios!











~Datelivery Team~

“A Unique date in a box delivered to your door”

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