How do I redeem a gift subscription?

If you received a gift subscription, you will need to click on the activation link sent to your email. Afterwards  you will be directed to our website where you would need to sign up and provide your shipping address and Voila! It is time to start dating. Don’t forget to tell your gift giver how great they are.

Can I be refunded for a gift subscription?

Yes if you purchase a gift subscription and the recipient has not already activated their gift subscription link, we will refund your money if the purchase was within 30 days. Anything after the 30 days, we will not be able to refund you for the purchase.

What happens when a gift subscription ends?

At the end of the gift subscription, there will be no additional charges. The subscription does not automatically renew. If the recipients wants to continue having fun date nights then they must renew with their own payment information.


How do I cancel my membership?

We don’t think it will ever come to this. However, if for some reason you do decide to cancel your subscription it’s an easy and painless break up. Just log into your account and select the option to cancel your subscription. Please keep in mind that any remaining boxes left on your current subscription will be sent to you. There will not be a refund regardless of when the subscription is canceled. So for instance if you have a 6 month subscription plan and decide to cancel after 3 months, your membership will be canceled; however, you will still receive the remaining boxes, as you have already paid for them.

Can I get a refund on my subscription purchase?

If the first box of your subscription plan has not been shipped you can receive a refund for your purchase. Please email us at info@datelivery.com to request the refund.  Once the first box of your subscription plan has been shipped, there are no refunds and you will receive all subsequent boxes remaining on your subscription plan.


When will my order ship?

So glad you’re filled with anticipation. We are too! As long as you’re subscribed by the 7th of a given month you will receive the upcoming Datelivery box. Boxes start shipping out by the 15th of that month, but often sooner.

How will my box be shipped?

Boxes will be shipped ground delivery by your friendly USPS delivery man or woman. Please be sure to thank them for their hard work day in and day out, but most importantly for your datelivery box!

Do you ship Internationally?

We currently only ship to the United States, Canada and UK.  If you are outside of these regions and are interested in our product, please drop us a line at info@datelivery.com, so we can let you know when we begin shipping to your location or make other shipping accommodations if possible.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. Once your box ships you will receive an email with your tracking information.

How can I change my shipping address?

If you need to update your shipping address just log into your account and choose the “shipping address” option and update the address. Please make sure that your address is updated before the 1st of the month to ensure that your next month’s delivery arrives to the correct address.

Do I need to sign for my box?

USPS doesn’t require a signature for your box. If you are not home the box will be left at your doorstep. Please make sure that you watch for your box any time after the 1st of the month. We would hate for it to be left out in the elements and possibly get damaged.

What happens if my box shipped to the wrong address?

Your box will ship to the shipping address that we have on file for you; therefore, it is your duty to make sure the address is accurate and complete. Boxes returned for an incorrect address will be shipped back out, but at the purchaser’s expense.

When will my order ship?

Orders typically take 2-3 business days to be processed prior to shipping. Once the order is shipped you will receive an email confirmation with your tracking information. If you are in need of your order sooner than this, please email us at info@datelivery.com and we can try our best to accommodate your request.


Where can I provide my feedback?

Whether good, bad or indifferent we want to hear your feedback. We realize that it is only with your valuable feedback and opinions that we can make the best possible product for you. Although we try to create monthly themes that cater to as many couples as possible, we also realize that certain themes and activities may not be for everyone. If you have any feedback or advice please do not hesitate to contact us at info@datelivery.com.

How do I report a problem with my Datelivery box?

OMG! Please send us an email at info@datelivery.com and let us know the issue. We promise to do all that we can to resolve whatever the issue is.

Will I need to purchase any other items for my date night?

We include in the box a number of items to complement the date night we have planned for you. However, there may be additional items you will need to purchase in order to enhance your date night experience. When your monthly date night box arrives please read the front and back of your intro card. This intro card will let you know the details of your date night and let you know if any additional planning or purchases are recommended.

Are you guys relationship experts?

Please keep in mind that datelivery was created by a couple for other couples, as a way to connect and hopefully bring you closer to your mate. We are in no way relationship experts and hold no degrees in a field that would make us relationship experts. We also don’t make any claims that using our product will be a permanent fix for any relationship issues you may be experiencing.

I have food allergies or dietary restrictions, do your boxes contain food products?

Yes there is a chance that a box may contain food products. Please review our past box page to see some examples of the types of foods that may come in a box. If you have any specific questions regarding food products that may come in a box, please feel free to contact us.

Can I see an example of what comes in a box?

Yes. You can see what comes in the box before you purchase. Please visit our Date Night Boxes page and you can preview each box as well as read a description of what the date night is prior to purchasing.

For Business

How can I get my product featured in an upcoming Datelivery Box?

If your business has a product that you think will be a good fit for a Datelivery box then we want to talk to you. Please send us an email to info@datelivery.com and we’ll promptly get back to you.

I have a blog or Youtube channel; may I receive a box for review or give away?

Please express your interest in an email to us at info@datelivery.com and provide your contact info and links to your site/social media pages. Although we would love to send a free box to every blogger out there to review; unfortunately, we just can’t we’d go out of business quickly and all of the couples of the world would be sad.

I would love to feature Datelivery (on my blog, in my magazine, on TV, etc.) whom should I contact?

Please direct any press inquiries to info@datelivery.com. Provide us with details about your outlet and we will get back to you promptly.

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