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Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air, we wanted to give one lucky couple our upcoming February Date in a box for FREE. The best thing about our February box is that you will have it in time for Valentine’s Day! So you can ditch your traditional V-Day plans and get ready for a nice romantic evening at home. We’re hosting the giveaway via Rafflecopter (see below), so it’s super easy to enter. You can earn up to 15 entries, so be sure to take full advantage of all of the entry options. You do not need to be a subscriber to Datelivery in order to enter. Please read all of the terms and conditions before entry and make sure you share this with all of your friends so they can enter also.

Good Luck Everyone!

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84 thoughts on “Datelivery Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. Nothing =( He never wants to do anything although I do. He always says Valentine’s is a complete waste of money. I wish we’d do something a bit fun and romantic though.

  2. Me and my Boyfriend loved to go to the movies every year and dinner me and him usually exchange funny little gifts or stuff that’s not really valentines like ..Mostly like star wars, zombies…nerd gifts lol

  3. My boyfriend and i usually go to our favorite mexican restaurant. One year he surprised me with chocolate dipped strawberries delivered to my door. That was really a sweet surprise!

  4. We normally keep the actual day pretty quiet, but we’ve always done a weekend away or staycation or something fun like that! 🙂

  5. We use to hire a babysitter for our six kids, it use to be a big deal to go out alone but now our youngest is 16 so we need a new plan.

  6. We always get a room at a hotel away from the kids and our obligations. Sometimes it a surprise of what is in the room when we get there, like roses for me or massage oil, other times the surprise is delivered like dinner.

  7. We usually don’t do much but this year I made reservations at a nice hotel SLC and we are going to celebrate the end of our #30daypaleochallenge 🙂

  8. My husband is a DJ and tends to work on Valentines, but we celebrate another day (when it’s not so crowded anyway) and go out for a nice dinner and cuddle up at home for a movie.

  9. My husband and I got married on July 3rd 2013; this will be our first valentines together I can’t wait for my surprises!! Would love to surprise him a romantic date at home!!!

  10. we have been married 20 years so no valentines is the same some years its dinner and a movie some its get a hotel room and be together, once we took a cooking class one year it was pizza and bowling. the main thing for us is to just be together and connect

  11. For Valentine’s day, my husband and I usually either go out to dinner and come home to a movie or do dinner and a movie at home! My hubby makes the best steaks, so staying in is never second best.

  12. On Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I don’t ever do anything special . Sad I know…we are both working usually. So we try to do something on the weekend which half the time we take a nap together

  13. We’ve only spent 1 valentine’s day together and we went to medieval times! I loved it but It would be nice if he surprised me with something this year.

  14. We usually stay home to avoid the craziness, but it would be nice to do something special since this is our first married Valentines Day!

  15. We always have a nice dinner (whether it is at home or in a restaurant), exchange gifts, and try to just spend the entire day together (or the night and then an entire weekend day if Valentine’s Day is on a workday). Valentine’s Day is our anniversary (4th this year!), so it is always extra special for us.

  16. This will be my boyfriend’s and my first Valentine’s Day together and we will both be working all night long so we won’t be able to see each other until the following Monday : ( I think this would be a fun and unique way to celebrate and we could hopefully start this as a tradition.

  17. This will be our first year together, so I am not sure what he will have planned. No matter what we’re both crazy and looking to have fun 🙂

  18. My boyfriend and I have been best friends for two years. This is our first Valentines Day together as a couple. I have no clue what to do for him. We tend to do the same stuff when we spend time together since money is tight for the both of, we stay at home a lot and cuddle and watch movies drinking hot chocolate or playing little kid board games. We’re both pretty weird when we’re around each other, so we always make whatever we decide to do really fun. I just love being around him, and I’d love to win this box so we can do something different, but not spend a ton of money to have to do it.

  19. I am not sure that we have any ‘typical’ thing we do. We have done couples game night with some friends, the romantic dinner just the two of us, gone camping, and so on. The one common thread is that we set the day aside to be together regardless of what we are doing, and always take the time for at least a few minutes to be just the two of us – phones even off.

  20. My hubby usually has flowers delivered to my work and sometimes cooks me breakfast. We exchange gifts and have a nice romantic dinner to finish off the evening.

  21. We actually usually spend it at home relaxing and spending time with one another! I’m so glad that it will be on a Friday night this year!

  22. since money is tight ,we cant afford do to anything lavush i do have some ladies from church who volunteer thier time babysitting a few hours that night which i cant explain how much that means to me and we usually go our local staek house which is romantic because thats how we meet 28 yrs ago i was an waitress he was an cook , they have great priices so we dont breal the bank then we take a walk through the park the same as the last 28 yrs,through out the park hes always left me a single flower and a candle ,then we go home and just embrace each other with no interupitions ,some may think this is dull but its just perfect for us,and symbolizes all our love and memories we have made together ,its pure romance and love

  23. My husband and I have only had one Valentine’s Day together so far (we met in March 2012 and married in October 2012), so we haven’t really established any traditions yet.

  24. After being married for 24 years we usually go out on a date and leave the kids with a babysitter for much needed time together.

  25. Hubs & I had a baby 3 months ago today & can really use a date night since we haven’t had one in months! Please please please help the new parents reconnect with a free date night box!!! We need it!!!

  26. We usually go through and read old cards we have given to each other for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. look at old pictures, and will get dinner and a movie. Looking forward to Valentine’s Day!!

  27. We spend it with each other! We don’t have a Valentine’s Day “go-to.” We always do something spontaneous and fun! We love surprising each other!

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