Datebox Review: New Year. New You. New Relationship?

The end of one year and the beginning of another offers us time to reflect on our lives and the components that make it up. It is the perfect opportunity to take a look at the health of your relationship to determine the good parts of it as well as the bad. If your partner’s actions and words make you wonder about his or her level of commitment, then it may be time to take serious action. Read this datebox review to see how it can help you determine the health of your relationship.

How do you evaluate your relationships? Many people simply check off items on a lit of healthy and unhealthy relationship characteristics to see where they fall. That method is a good place to start, but it is incomplete. Relationships are far more complex than this method suggests. There are other tools available to help you. The following information provides a practical look at how to evaluate relationships.

Relationship Review: How Your Relationship Measures Up

If you do an internet search for healthy relationship quizzes, you will get a long list of quizzes to choose from. If you click on a few of them, you will find a wide range of questions that are designed to help you determine where your relationship falls on the relationship meter. Although the quizzes come from a wide variety of different places, they are all similar in their answers are based on broad generalities.

Friends and family can offer another source of relationship evaluation. The people who are close to you and care about you can often offer objective opinions on aspects of your relationship that you may not be able to see.

If you truly want to evaluate your relationship, it is time to get honest with yourself. Here are some ideas for getting started:

  • Look at lists of healthy relationship traits and identify the areas where you are strong or weak.
  • Ask friends and family for their input, and listen to their responses, even if you do not agree.
  • Make your own observations as you and your partner interact daily and on date nights.

If you have tried all of these tricks and still are not sure about the health of your relationship, couple’s counseling can help you sort it out.

Datebox Review: How a Date Box Becomes a Relationship Test

Regularly-scheduled date nights help strengthen relationships, and happy couples plan dates on a regular basis. Implementing the use of a date box will give you the benefits of a night out with minimal planning, less expense, and you can have the date in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The unassuming date box also acts as a tool that will help test the health of your relationship. As you engage in the activities that are included in the box, your interactions will your partner will reveal clues that will help you determine if your relationship needs work.

Keep in mind that the “test” you perform with a date box is not officially backed by research. However, the principles used to create the activities in the box are supported by it. This test is informal and purely experiential. In other words, it is meant to provide an opportunity for you to observe your relationship in action.

Can You Have Fun Together?

Esther Boykin, a marriage and family therapist, believes couples need to have fun together by engaging in date nights. (Check out her book, The Date Deck.) Having dates with your sweetheart builds a friendship that supports the romance. According the Boykin, fun and romance go hand in hand.

Date night boxes can help because they get delivered right to your door and are filled with unique activities that are designed for you and your partner to have a fun and engaging evening together. Date night boxes include activities, games and conversation starters that build friendship and strengthen the bond between you and your sweetheart.

DATE NIGHT BOX TEST: Do you plan time for fun with your partner? How often do you laugh?

How Deep do Your Conversations Go?

As your relationship progresses, your conversations should go beyond superficial topics to more meaningful discussions. These deeper dialogues connect you with your partner, increase your intimacy and boost your happiness. For examples, read 8 Questions Every Couple Should Ask Each Other.

Regular date nights, courtesy of a date night box subscription, allow you and your partner to get to know one another on a deeper level. As your friendship builds, those deeper conversations naturally develop. The conversation starters built into each date night box give your dialogue a boost as well.

DATE NIGHT BOX TEST: Are there subjects you hesitate to discuss with your partner?

Where do Your Communication Skills Lie?

Happy couples know the value of good communication. Bottled-up thoughts and feelings damage relationships. Open, honest talks build the bonds of a relationship and strengthen both partners. (How well do you communicate, according to these 18 communication tips for couples?)

Communicating effectively takes work. But, it is crucial for growing as a couple. A date box creates the opportunity to practice your skills in a relaxed setting. From choosing a calendar date to working through the conversation starters included in the box, you get plenty of practice.

DATE NIGHT BOX TEST: What are your communication strengths and weaknesses?

What is Your Conflict Resolution Style?

Blame, vengeance, intentionally hurting your partner and the silent treatment fail to solve problems. Conflict occurs in all relationships. Strong couples recognize this fact and resolve their issues head-on, with respect for each other.

Conflict can arise even during date nights. Use those opportunities to practice healthy conflict resolution. Listen, forgive and work toward a solution. The point of a date night is to strengthen your relationship. There is no better way to do so than by clearing up issues.

DATE NIGHT BOX TEST: In what ways do you need to improve your conflict resolution skills?

Do You Support Each Other’s Individuality?

Jealousy and insisting on doing everything together often masquerade as undying devotion. In healthy relationships, partners encourage friendships with others and support each other’s interests. Boykin suggests that couples who enjoy each other’s quirks are happier in the long run.

Date night boxes provide the quality time that is needed to learn about a partner’s interests and quirk’s. Slowing down and spending an evening with each other allows you to focus on nothing else. You may be surprised what you notice when you’re not interrupted.

(BONUS: Date boxes also work well for friend groups. Spending time with people other than your partner is an important aspect of good relationships, according to Boykin.)

DATE NIGHT BOX TEST: What do you notice or appreciate about your partner?

Are You at Ease With One Another?

Being at ease around your partner is a marker of a healthy relationship. Here are eight signs that you are comfortable with your partner. Opening a date box and diving into its activities moves you toward being more at ease with one another. The activities get you to laugh together, talk about unusual subjects and express yourself in the comfort of your home.

DATE NIGHT BOX TEST: How comfortable do you feel talking with your partner?

Do You Enjoy Being Together?

People in healthy relationships enjoy spending time together. They build a friendship, have fun and are affectionate with one another.

Engaging in a date night box activity gives you the opportunity to set time aside to be together. Spontaneity may sound romantic, but, planning speaks boldly to your partner and expresses worthiness to your sweetheart. When you get a monthly subscription, it is a way to let your partner know you’re your feelings run deep.

DATE NIGHT BOX TEST: Do you and your partner enjoy spending time together?

Final Thoughts: A Good Relationship is Good for You

Strong relationships keep the mind and body healthy. Romantic or platonic, a good partnership benefits you mentally and physically. Here are benefits of being in a healthy relationship:

  • The release of feel-good brain chemicals that make you happy.
  • Your stress levels go down.
  • Any depressive symptoms decrease.
  • Anxiety and its negative health impacts decrease.
  • You live longer.

Working at keeping your relationship healthy, or getting it to a healthy state, can be difficult at times. But, the effort is always worth it. Order your datebox today and conduct your own relationship test. Then shoot us a comment to let us know how it went.

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