10 Mood-Boosting Ways for Couples to Combat the Winter Blues (Including a Datebox Club)

When fall turns to winter, it’s hard to not get excited! The colder months of the year bring good things like cozy sweaters, pulling out your favorite boots, warm drinks, get-together and snuggling by the fire. There’s a lot to love about winter. Unfortunately, the long nights and short days also have a few not-so-great aspects, the least of which is a case of the dreaded winter blues. Feeling a little down during the colder seasons isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been recognized for years in the scientific community as a biological response to a limited amount of sunlight. While not everyone is affected, those who do go through a blue period when the sunny days of summer and exhilarating crispness of fall slip away understand how hard it can be to get up and get going again. Fortunately, as the “winter blues” have been recognized as a genuine occurrence for a while now, there has been a lot of research into ways it can be combated so affected people can get through the winter with a positive outlook. If your partner also suffers with the winter blues, there are plenty of ways you can help, and most of them will leave both of you feeling a lot better, especially the datebox club from Datelivery!

If you want to increase your feelings of comfort and contentment this winter, here is a list of 10 entertaining and amazing ways you can help boost your or your partner’s happiness this winter. With just a little bit of effort, you can get through this winter faster than you ever thought possible, and truly enjoy it with your partner.

Be Active

Being active is one of the most effective way to push the winter blues away. Sign up for an activity you and your partner can participate in do together. Ballroom or Salsa dancing is a great physical activity that will provide great exercise and help you learn a few moves that will be sure to impress everyone at the next party you go to. Plus, when beach season rolls around, you’ll be ready to don that swimsuit.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet helps you feel better. Take advantage of improving your eating habits by taking a cooking class together and then see what the two of you can mix up in the kitchen! Creating tasty meals together is an excellent way to not only bond but to show off your culinary skills and work on a shared goal together.

Try Something New

Go on a couple’s retreat for the weekend and hit the slopes. If skiing doesn’t interest you, try snowboarding or snow tubing. If you need something a bit tamer, lace up a pair of skates and head out to a frozen pond. End the day cuddled by a crackling fire with a mug of your favorite hot and steamy drink and laughing over the fun you had spending the day together.

Put a Smile on Each Other’s Faces

Sometimes all it takes to feel better is to make someone you care about feel better. Pamper your love with a soothing bubble bath, bring home some flowers for no reason or simply give your sweetheart an extra-long hug to show how much you care. When others around you are happy, it is almost impossible to not feel happy yourself. Take the opportunity to do something extra special for your sweetheart, and you’ll be rewarded yourself.

Plan a Little Surprise for Your Sweetheart

Now is the perfect time to surprise your sweetheart with something special. The perfect option is a subscription to a datebox club from Datelivery. Subscriptions come in three or six-month options. Every date box you receive will be your passport to a unique experience that will help you and your partner strengthen your connection in the comfort of your home while you completely forget about the nasty weather outside. It’s a sure-fire way to have a treat planned each and every month, delivered right to your door.

Spruce up Your Surroundings

Rearrange your furniture or paint your bedroom a new shade. Giving the interior of your home a facelift will help you feel better when you’re cooped up inside. It will also allow you to create the perfect love nest for cuddling with your partner all winter long. The best part is that many stores have sales on everything you need to freshen your living quarters, so go ahead and plan your perfect together space now.

Watch a Comedy Movie

Laughter increases the body’s output of endorphins, which makes people feel happy. So, there is no question that the more we laugh the better we feel. So, check out the movies that are playing in your area, grab your partner and head out to the cinema. If you aren’t a movie-goer, you can get the same effect from going to a comedy club or any place else that will tickle your funny bone.

Set Your Bedtime

It can be hard to sleep when winter comes, and scientists think that it might have something to do with the change in the natural light quality. If you find yourself staying up later and later, try to stop before it becomes a bad habit. To make matters worse, the use of electronics late in the evening also affects sleep. Poor sleep habits can wreak havoc on maintaining a positive outlook. So, instead of turning on the t.v., go to bed with each other. If neither you nor your partner can fall asleep, use that time as an opportunity to talk and spend some quiet time together. It’s amazing how those late-night pillow talks can bring a couple together.

Light up Your Life

Use the reality of having less light outside to make your home brighter. Work together to replace all the light bulbs in the house with ones that have a brighter output. Alternatively, you can string battery-powered fairy lights to add a touch of shimmer to your inside space. Take advantage of the lack of outdoor light and use the opportunity to have a romantic candle-light dinner for two or splurge on some beautifully scented candles to frame your bathtub and indulge in a romantic soak. Everyone and everything looks beautiful by candlelight, so use it to add a little romance to your surroundings.

Turn the Volume Up

Surprise your love with a custom-made playlist of favorite songs. It’s hard to feel down when listening to songs that have emotional or sentimental meaning or are simply fun to listen to. So turn on the music and let it move you.

Bonus Activity

If possible, plan a vacation. Getting away from it all and spending some quality time together can be a great way to boost your moods, and a weekend away is always a great way to get the ball rolling.

You can’t make your partner happy if you’re not happy, so take a little time out to treat yourself. It’s important that you have time to read the book you’ve been carrying around, or give yourself permission to head to the salon and try a new hair color for the season. When you feel refreshed and relaxed, you’re more capable of helping others around you feel at ease, too.

There are plenty of ways you can shake the winter blues together this season. The most important one is to make time for and have fun with each other. Spring and sunshine will be back soon enough. In the meantime, dig in to some exciting winter fun with your sweetheart and enjoy the time you spend together. Don’t forget to look into trying the datebox club from Datelivery. It’s an excellent way to beat the winter blues. Right now you can get 10 percent off by using the promo code THANKFUL. So, there is no better time to see for yourself how much a datebox from Datelivery can benefit your relationship.

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