Is Blustery Weather Keeping You at Home … Again? Try a Date Night Scavenger Hunt

In many parts of the world, wind, rain and snow whip the leaves from the trees during this time of year. Cold weather settles in, and couples find themselves hunkering down indoors. It’s easy to settle in for a cozy night at home with a great holiday flick. Snuggling under blankets and watching movies for the duration of the coldest time of year can quickly bring about boredom.

But, there’s more you can do when you spend a date night at home, like having a romantic adventure with a date night scavenger hunt. Here are some more great ideas for busting out of the cold weather date night rut and keeping your relationship warm and healthy while you’re weathering the weather.

Recognizing a Relationship Rut

The symptoms of a relationship rut start subtly. Keeping an eye out for them in your relationship allows you to catch them early before the repair requires a complete overhaul. Huffpost shares these six signs of a relationship rut:

  • The idea of a date night no longer excites you.
  • Other relationships look happier and more fulfilled.
  • Texting is your primary communication.
  • Someone else becomes your confidant.
  • Your sex life lacks spark.
  • You wonder if you belong together.

A relationship rut propels you from boredom to frustration with your partner and can leave you wondering if you should end the relationship.

Relationship Rut Solutions

When you notice the signs of relationship rut, you need to take action. Although it may be difficult to accomplish with full schedules and the responsibilities of everyday life, it is necessary for the relationship to succeed. Here are some great suggestions on how to get out of your rut, or to keep it from happening in the first place:

Get your creative wheels spinning and move out of your date night rut, by trying one of these unique date night ideas:

  • Date Night Scavenger Hunt: Before date night, each of you can create a scavenger hunt for the other. If you want to add a competitive factor, have a race to see who gets reaches the end first. The hunt may lead around the house, down memory lane or across the internet.
  • Couple’s Cook-Off: Whipping up a new recipe livens up any date night. Look for recipes that you normally wouldn’t have the time to create or something that you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t had the opportunity. You can also decide on a single set of ingredients and a time limit for each of you create a unique concoction.
  • DIY Date Night: Tackle a DIY or art project together. Think about accomplishing projects you want or need to accomplish around the house for inspiration. Even if you lack craftiness, the process of creating brings you closer.
  • Indoor Snowball Fight: Grab a few bean bags or stuffed “snowballs”. Map out some boundary lines, and let the fun fly!
  • Date in a Box: Unpacking a Datelivery date in a box delivers out-of-the-box ideas to your date night repertoire. With pre-planned games and activities, you and your partner focus on your relationship, even if your creativity runs low.

Order Your Secret Weapon Against Relationship Ruts Today!

The hectic pace of this time of year makes getting in a rut easy. Holiday festivities, kids’ school projects, concerts, sporting events, work parties and a multitude of other activities are exhausting. Creativity drains as fast as the calendar fills. It’s refreshing to collapse onto the couch with your partner at night and do just about nothing.

Rest easy, there is a way to bring creativity to your date nights without much effort. With a simple click of the mouse, you can have a great mix of entertaining monthly activities for you and your partner. The blustery weather does not need to be a catalyst of a relationship rut.

Datelivery offers monthly date box subscriptions with everything you need for an intimate at-home date delivered to your door. This month, take our quick online couples survey to find the best home date options for you!

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