A Year of Seasonal Tasting Dates

Having a date night in can be a great way to break up the dinner-and-a-movie-every Friday-night habit (we know, that can get old after a while). But, too often couples trade eating out at a restaurant and taking in the latest flick for ordering takeout and watching Netflix — the exact same activity, just in a different venue. If you have had enough of the restaurant and cinema scene and can’t bear one more night of hanging out on the couch watching the same movies over and over, try something different for your 2019 date nights.

Wine tastings are all the rage these days. As many people have learned, it is a great way to expand your palate and be introduced to new varieties of the beverage.

Why not take this year expanding on that idea? And then, bringing it into your own home?

If you have a passion for trying new foods and drinks, try private tastings for two for your stay-at-home dates. Keep reading for 12 great ideas for tastings that will get you through an entire year of at-home dates with your love.

January: Coffee

The American culture has an obsession with caffeine. For many people, it is the fuel that gets them through a busy day. As evidenced by the immense popularity of Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and similar coffee shops, the go-to source of caffeine is hot coffee. So, kick off your year of at-home tasting dates with a coffee tasting. Buy a handful of gourmet beans from local coffee shops, or even the grocery store, brew up a few cups of each and start sampling. It’s a great way to check out flavors that are more robust or a bit smoother in nature. You may even find a new brew for your go-to source of morning Joe.

February: Chili Peppers

When you think about foods that elicit romance, chances are chili peppers aren’t on the list. Wait! Leaving them off would be a mistake. The heat of chili peppers helps to release endorphins that boost moods and bring a surge of energy. The capsaicin in the chilis makes the mouth tingle and swell, inviting the relief that comes from soft, wet kisses. Take advantage of the aphrodisiac effect of chili peppers by having a private tasting for two on Valentine’s Day. It’s a far better bet than hoping to get a reservation at a restaurant or sitting through a boring movie. Plus, the heat of the peppers may raise your body temperatures to the point where passion has no choice but to take over.

March: Cheese

If you and your partner are lovers of cheese, take that affection to the next level. Early spring is the perfect time to spend a date night at home tasting cheese. You can make this evening-for-two as casual or extravagant as you want. The most difficult part of this evening will be to decide exactly how you want to whittle it down. Cheese comes in so many varieties and has so many different flavors that it can be difficult to know which cheeses to include and which to leave out. Once you decide which cheese make the cut, decide what else to serve. Various breads and crackers are always a top choice. Strawberries and grapes add a bit of sweetness to the event. Ultimately, everything goes well with cheese, so the sky’s the limit. Then, you and your sweetheart can just sit back and enjoy trying all the various cheeses and their respective accompaniments. The entire evening will be one neither of you will soon forget.

April: International chocolate

Switzerland. Belgium. Italy. Ecuador. The United Kingdom. The Ivory Coast. The United States. The countries that produce the world’s best chocolate are many. Take advantage of that fact and conduct an international chocolate tasting for you and your love to indulge in one evening. Create an entire evening that revolves around you and your love determining the answer to the aged-old question “Who makes the best chocolate?” Pick out a few pieces of chocolate from each of these countries and pit them against each other. Let the flavors roll around your mouth and discuss with your other half which qualities you like about each one. Compare notes and together come up with the answer the entire world wants to know.

May: DIY Pepsi Challenge

Back in the ‘70s Pepsi’s national ad campaign was to set out across the country to see if regular, everyday people preferred Coke or Pepsi. Not surprisingly, Pepsi won every time on the commercials. You can bring that same concept to an early springtime date night at home. All you need is a bottle of each type of pop and a small glass to drink from. You also need a way to cover the bottles so neither of you know which one you are drinking from. So, you will have to set that up ahead of time. If you want to take the challenge a step further, add a generic brand of cola into the mix to see if you can tell the difference between that one and the name brands. Serve some salty snacks along with the challenge to encourage your pallet to drink the fizzy liquids.

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June: Water

As the warmer weather approaches, chances are your water consumption will increase — the perfect opportunity to do a water tasting. If you have ever wondered if different bottled waters really taste all that different, beat the heat and see for yourself. Plus, you can make a casual date night in out of it. All you need to do is buy a smattering of different bottled waters, pour two small glasses of each, and sip away. Be sure to buy some inexpensive varieties as well as some more extravagant ones to get a true sense of any differences between the two. You can even throw in a taste of tap water to see if spending money on bottled water is necessary at all.

July: Ice Cream

With summer in full-swing the days are long and the weather is hot. So, it is the perfect time to have a date night in and conduct your own personal ice cream tasting. Try out different flavors or have a battle of brands. Since it’s just the two of you, you don’t even need to worry about getting bowls dirty. Just grab a couple of spoons and eat right out of the cartons. Be willing to try your partner’s favorite flavor, even if it’s one you don’t think you’ll like. You can discuss the various qualities of the ice creams as you taste your way through the evening. This tasting date also gives you the opportunity to seductively remove the remnants of the cool treat from the corners of each other’s mouths.

August: Beer

Beer is the unofficial drink of summer. Take advantage of the warm weather and treat yourself and your sweetheart to an at-home evening of beer tasting. For your beer-tasting evening, ditch the beer you typically drink on any given weeknight and splurge on some varieties that aren’t typically in your repertoire. You can keep your tasting options to one particular category like craft beers, ales or IPAs, or try one beer each from several different categories. You can even go all international or pick beers from a region where you and your love would like to travel. The choice is up to you. Don’t forget to serve heavy appetizers or a meal so you and your love don’t get too tipsy.

September: Mini Appetizers

In the early part of fall, use your at-home date night to sample a smattering of appetizers. You know that there will be lots of holiday parties coming up over the next few months, which means you will be asked to bring a dish to share. Instead of making the same old apps that everyone has seen, take the opportunity to bring something new. You and your love can be your own guinea pigs as you try out new appetizers that can fit any occasion. Then, all you need to do is pick the ones you both like best and store the recipes away for later use.
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October: Pie

Everyone loves pie. So, use everyone’s favorite fruit dessert as an excuse to have a cozy at-home tasting. Pick your favorite pie varieties, and throw in some new ones, too. If you have been dying to try a new pie recipe for the holidays, this is the perfect excuse to give it a trial run. You can even put the ingredients together and bake the pie together as part of the date. It will give you a common goal to work toward, which will bring you closer together.

November: Bread

If you and your partner are lovers of carbs, treat yourselves to an at-home evening of bread tasting. If you have a bread maker, you can make a loaf yourself. If you are really adventurous, you can bake some in your oven. Buying a few loaves of various breads from your favorite local bakery will work just as well if you are not inclined to bake yourself. Have soft butter for spreading and olive oil for dipping. Tasting bread can make you thirsty, so be sure to have some beverages on hand. Also, have some protein available to nosh on to round out your evening.

December: Whisky

There are plenty of ways to warm up your insides on cold winter nights. But, few ways are better than hosting a whisky tasting for two in the comfort of your own home. Whether you and your honey are fans of bourbon, rye, Scotch or something altogether different, you can spend a quiet evening at home tasting a wide variety of whiskeys. Before you taste the various whiskeys, let your other senses in on the action. Take a look at it and notice its color, clarity and viscosity. Sniff the whisky to sense its nuanced complexity. Then, taste it, and as you let the smooth warm liquid seep down your throat, try to identify the subtle flavors each one has. For more information on how to properly taste whisky, click here. When you conduct your whisky tasting with your love, make sure you have plenty of water to cleanse your palate and hearty snacks so the alcohol doesn’t go straight to your head.

Spending time together is the key ingredient in a healthy relationship. Enjoy time together all year long and have a great time with date night tasting events for two. For additional ways to spend meaningful time together, consider a date night in a box subscription from Datelivery. Every month, you will receive a box that contains all the supplies you need for an incredible date night in the comfort of your own home. Find a box that fits your taste at Datelivery.com.