Beyond the Date Night Box: New Year. New Goals. Renewed Relationship

Many people use the start of each year as a time to look back on the year’s accomplishments and to look ahead and set goals for the new year. Setting aside time to evaluate your life and goals can help you reach your dreams and find happiness. You can do the same for your relationship. Keep reading to learn about why talking about the past, present and future is important for couples. Also, find out how a date night box can help you and your love set goals together to renew your relationship and keep it fresh.

Recap Everything You Learned

The experiences you have had individually and as a couple have shaped you as a person and a couple. To understand yourself and your relationship, you need to understand how you both got to where you are. Talk about the past year with your partner. You can even go further back if you want to. Talk about everything, both the good and the bad. Going through everything helps you clear the air so you can start the new year with a clean slate.

Focus on Listening

Everyone communicates differently, so be understanding of how your partner communicates differently than you do. If your partner has a difficult time expressing feelings, be patient and give your love the time and space that is needed to freely communicate. Rehashing past arguments and disagreements can be difficult, but when you work through these issues it allows you to move forward in a happy, healthy and committed way. Learning from past mistakes and experiences ensures you will not make the same mistakes again. This knowledge will also enable you to deal with and address future issues in a better way, which will help keep your relationship strong.

Evaluate Your Current Situation

Take time to evaluate your current situation with your partner. Discuss what you like and enjoy about your relationship, as well as which areas you would like to improve. Keep the conversation from becoming negative by including aspects of your relationship you are happy and satisfied with. Don’t forget to gush about the qualities you love about your sweetheart. Point out the aspects you want to change, but stress the parts you want to stay exactly the same. Analyze the good parts of your relationship and apply what you learn to the parts you want to change.

Create Goals

When you understand where you’ve been and where you are, you and your love can then figure out where you want to be as a couple. Use all of the knowledge and information you gathered through your heart-to-heart conversations with your love to talk about your future and create goals together. These goals can be big-picture items, like purchasing a home, starting a family or making a major move or smaller-scale, like setting aside time for regular dates or being more affectionate with each other.

The journey you take to reach a goal can provide value and help you and your partner appreciate what you have because you worked together to achieve it. Working together toward a common goal can also help keep you and your partner committed to each other.

Make a Plan

It is not enough to have a goal. You also need to have a solid plan in place to achieve it. Use these tips to work with your partner to devise a plan to achieve your relationship goals:

  • Set aside time.
    Talk about your relationship goals with your partner. This conversation will likely take a considerable amount of time and may require some soul searching. So, make sure you carve out specific time for it. The larger goals you set will likely take a lot of time and effort, so set realistic expectations. Whatever goals you set, take them seriously and work together with your partner to help make your dreams come true.
  • Make sure your personal goals and relationship goals align.
    Setting goals is a useful practice in all areas of your life. When you are part of a relationship, all of your goals, even personal goals you set outside of your relationship, will ultimately impact your bond. So, take into consideration how the personal goals you set will affect your relationship and discuss those impacts with your partner. Talk through all of your dreams and goals with your partner to make sure everything lines up. Your partner needs to be on board with all of your goals, and vice versa, in order for the goals to be realistic and your relationship to be successful.
  • Create an open and positive environment.
    Talking through your goals and dreams can be difficult. You may not even fully realize what you want until you’ve started talking through everything. Be considerate of what your partner wants, and give your love time to figure out his or her goals. Be open-minded and create a positive environment to share ideas. Even if you do not initially support your partner’s ideas, be understanding and willing to listen. You may eventually change your mind. So do not judge anything too quickly. Understanding the reasons behind your partner’s thoughts and desires will help you figure out alternate goals and compromises to ensure you both get what you want and are able to maintain a happy relationship.
  • Enjoy Your Time Together
    Take time out from your deep conversations and have some fun together. Planning and enjoying dates on a regular basis will give you and your sweetheart a chance to communicate and keep you connected. Having dates with your love can serve as an escape from heavy conversations and give you both a chance to simply relax together. Dates can also give you the perfect opportunity to talk about your goals, concerns and anything else on your mind.

Simplify Date Night with a Date Night Box

Take the hassle and stress out of planning a date night by signing up for a date night box subscription. This service sends you a box that is packed with everything you need for the perfect date that you can have right in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is open the box with your partner and enjoy your awesome date in a box.

The Importance of Date Night

Of course, date night is a fun way to spend time with your partner. But, it is so much more. Spending time with your sweetheart keeps you and your partner connected and involved with each other. Making time for each other can be difficult amidst all the responsibilities of everyday life. But, it is crucial and necessary for keeping your bond strong.

Staying involved and communicating with your partner makes it easy to understand each other better. It also creates the perfect situation for talking about the past, present and future together. Date night crates are created with communication in mind. Each date is intended to get you and your love having fun and engaging with each other. Once you are relaxed and comfortable, you will find it easier to talk about topics that are more serious in nature.

Year-Round Help

Having regular dates is a great way to ensure you and your love are always communicating. Make sure you never miss a date night by getting a date night box subscription. Each month you will receive a new box chock-full of supplies that will simplify planning your date nights so you can get down to enjoying time with your love. These dates will keep you and your sweetheart communicating so you can discuss how you are progressing with your relationship goals and will help you keep your dreams on track.

Make It Happen

Having serious discussions about your future can be a bit nerve-wracking, but it will help you and your sweetheart build a strong relationship and deepen your bond. The best way to plan for your future is to understand your past and present. Taking everything you have learned on your journey into account will allow you to create a solid and well-formed plan for the future and create realistic and meaningful goals. Find out how a date night box can renew your relationship by enjoying 10 percent off using the code THANKFUL.