How to Have Awesome International Date Nights at Home

Sticking with the same old activities for your date night at home can get mundane and boring. But, with a little imagination, you can expand your horizons, experience new cultures and have months full of interesting and unique dates. The answer is simple. All you need to do is visit another country.

High cost of airfare and travel stopping you from jet-setting around the world each month? Why not try “international date night at home?” It’s a budget-friendly way to travel around the world. Keep reading to learn how to do it and get a few location ideas along the way.


Using date night to travel around the world takes a bit of planning on your part. Sit down with your sweetheart and discuss some places you would like to visit. Focus on the places both you and your love have a shared interest in. Of course, it’s always okay to add locations on the list that appeal to only one of you. You can always use those date nights to try to sway your mate’s opinion. But, steer clear of any locations that either you or your partner are adamantly against. This time is supposed to be dedicated to growing closer to each other. There is no need to put a damper on it by bickering over which location to “visit” on your date night at home.

Create a Passport

If you and your partner want to play up the international dates theme, create passports for each of you. Find a marker for each destination and adorn your passport accordingly for each date. As the year progresses, your passports will get filled, and it will be the perfect reminder of all the special times you spent together and memories you created as you traveled the world without ever having to leave home.

To get the true effect of visiting another land, you need to completely immerse yourself in its culture. So, when you plan your date, be sure to keep the following aspects in mind.


Once you choose a location, do some research to figure out the traditional decor of that culture. All it requires is doing some internet searches or looking at pictures wherever you can find them. Once you know the decor of your chosen destination, it is time to seek out the supplies for decorating your home. Check out your local fabric and party supply stores to get yourself started. If you’ve started with an out-of-the box locale, try searching Amazon or other online stores for the supplies you need.

Food and Beverage

No date night is complete without food. When you and your love have an international date night, it gives you the opportunity to break out from your typical fare and try the food and drink of other cultures. If you choose a familiar location, like Italy, resist the temptation to take the easy route and simply order a pizza from your favorite place. Instead, try foods and drinks you would not normally have on a regular basis. If you are adventurous in the kitchen, try making your own dishes for your international date at home. If you are not culinarily inclined, check out the restaurants in your area that serve the cuisine of the culture you have decided to experience and call in an order for delivery. If you have chosen a country that has food you are not familiar with, you will have to do a bit of research. But, a perusal of some cookbooks or an internet search will help you discover the dishes you should try for your international date night at home.


Music is a huge part of every country. Cultures use music to help tell stories and pass down traditions. So, no international date night at home is complete without including music from the culture you are emulating on your date night. Download some songs from the internet and create a playlist or turn on some free music on YouTube. The music will help to create ambiance and give you the perfect setting for your date night.


Many cultures have national dances that are important to the indigenous people of the area. To completely immerse yourself in your chosen culture, learn the national dance, and perform it with your sweetheart. You can also use this opportunity to add some ready-made entertainment to your date night. Gather up the instructions on how to do the dance, or find a tutorial on the internet. You and your partner can work on learning the dance together. It will kill some time after dinner and give you an experience you can both laugh about together as you struggle through the unfamiliar moves.


If your chosen country has any kind of traditional entertainment, try to incorporate it into your international date night at home. Do some research to find out if there are any specific games the people of your chosen culture like to play or look into other ways the people like to spend their leisure time. Incorporate some of these activities into your date night if you can. It will be a fantastic way to ingrain yourself into the culture, expand your horizons and learn some new activities.

Traditions and Customs

Part of what makes each country and culture unique is its traditions and customs. Whether it’s the way the people dress, the artwork that is created, the language the people speak or the way they behave, the traditions and customs make a culture special. Before your date night, learn about the most interesting traditions and customs that are unique to your chosen country and incorporate them into your date night. If you really want to impress your mate, learn how to say, “I love you” in the language of the people who live in the area you are highlighting during your date night.

Here are some ideas for creating an international date night at home.

Fiji Islands

If the beach life is appealing to you and your sweetheart, plan to have a Fijian date night at home. Although you can’t install a beach in your living room, you can create the right atmosphere. Download some relaxing beach sounds and play them in the background all evening. Fill a children’s-sized pool with sand, and if you can, project some pictures of tranquil Fijian waters on the wall. Add some lush greenery to emulate the jungles in Fiji. Fijians speak Hindustani. So, impress your mate by learning a few key phrases in that language. They also speak English, so you can stick with that if you are nervous about learning a new language. Their arts and crafts are Polynesian in nature. So, you can be inspired by other islands in that area, like Hawaii. Try your hand at creating a Fijian mat made from the leaves of a pandanus tree. If you can’t get the real thing, improvise with other leaves that are easier to acquire. Try your hand at the Meke Seasea, a fan dance, or the Meka Wesi, a spear dance. For your dining pleasure, try some Kokoda, duruka and some lolo buns. If you want to go all-out for the evening, you can even dress in the native garb of loin cloths or grass skirts.

Bonus: Learn to say “I love you” in Fijian: “Au domoni iko”.


Morocco has an eclectic culture that combines Berber and Arab qualities. So, you can have lots of fun with a Moroccan at-home date. You can design your decor around the beautiful gardens that can be found all around the country. Moroccan food is creative and delicious. One of the most popular dishes that has its origins in Morocco is couscous. You can also dine on tajine and pastilla. Delight your ears with the chimings of Moroccan music. You can choose from Moroccan rock-influenced music in the form of chaabi bands, Muslim trance music or Andalusian classical music, which is popular throughout North Africa. If you want to dress in traditional Moroccan style, go with a djellaba or a kaftan, and of course, balgha on your feet.

Bonus: Learn to say “I love you” in Moroccan: “Tanbghik”.


Head to Iceland for one of your international dates at home. Iceland has a rich culture that begs to be explored. Set the mood for your Icelandic date with some Scandinavian decor. Find some replicas of Icelandic artwork that by Johannes Sveinsson Kjarval or Einar Hakonarson. Dine on scrumptious foods like porramatur, haddock and black pudding. Spend some time trying your hand at some traditional Icelandic activities like weaving or word carving. You can also learn some of the native dances of Iceland. Make the highlight of your evening viewing a simulation of Icelandic Northern lights. If you think stargazing in your hometown is enjoyable, you will be absolutely amazed at the grandeur of the Northern lights in Iceland.

Bonus: Learn to say “I love you” in Icelandic: “eg elska pig”.

Having international date nights at home is a fantastic way to bring some interest and pizzazz into your typical date nights with your partner while learning about other cultures around the world. If you want even more ideas for spending a meaningful date night at home with your sweetheart, check out the amazing date nights in a box from Datelivery. Each date box contains everything you need for a special night at home with your mate, and it will be delivered right to your front door. Right now, get 10 percent off your order when you use the promo code STRONG19.