Create the Date Night Contest

Do you consider yourself creative? An outside of the box thinker? A great planner?

Well if so, we have a challenge for you!

Datelivery is offering the opportunity for you to create one of our future date night boxes. We are currently holding a contest in which anyone can submit a fully planned out date night idea. The best entry will win a FREE 3-Month Datelivery Subscription ($81 value) and have their date night box idea featured in an upcoming Datelivery box.

The rules are simple:

1.) First start out by going to our Box Previews page and reviewing some of the boxes.

2.) Come up with a unique date night theme. Think outside of the box and come up with something that will wow us!

3.) Figure out what items you’ll include in the box. The items must fit your theme and also fit in the box. The size of a box is 8x8x3.

4.) Fully plan out your date night. Be sure to plan out everything…detail what they will do on the date night, in what order, what instructions they will need (including any instructions for the game they may play or activity they may do), suggestions of additional items they could provide on their own that may enhance the date night, etc.

Some important things to consider:

* The weight of the items in the box – We don’t charge for shipping, so we try to keep the weight of the items in the box as low as possible to keep shipping costs down.

* The cost of the items in the box – We charge a low monthly fee for our date night boxes, so keep in mind the items in the box can’t cost more than subscribers are paying for the boxes.

* The date night must be done indoors – The purpose of our product is to provide a unique in-home date night couples can enjoy right in the comfort of their own home without having to go out.

* No plagiarism – Although you can certainly research online and put your own spin on an idea you find, your idea must be, for the most part an original idea and not something similar to what we’ve done in the past or something you took from another website.

Once you’ve planned out your date night, please email it to us at with “Create the Date Night Contest” in the subject line. You have until 12/22/14 to enter.

Don’t forget to share this link with your friends and family and on social media. We can’t wait to see what you come
up with! Good Luck!

~Datelivery Team~




***Contest winner will be decided by Datelivery based on the theme, creativity, items in box and following the above rules and considerations. If not enough quality entries are received Datelivery reserves the right to cancel the contest with no winner being selected. By entering this contest you give permission to Datelivery to use any submitted material at their discretion.***

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