Coming Soon Datelivery: Unique Date Nights Delivered to your Door

Mark your calendars couples because in just a few weeks you will never look at date nights the same. We will be launching our website Datelivery; a monthly subscription service created by a couple for couples, that focuses on providing unique and creative date night experiences for couples to enjoy in the comfort of their home. Each month we will plan, package and ship out a different themed date night along with complementary items to our subscribers.

So why do we think that you will never view date nights the same after subscribing to Datelivery? Well, there are those of you who think that date nights consist of getting dressed up, hiring a baby sitter and going out to enjoy a nice pricey evening…ugh the thought of wasting money just drives me crazy. Then there are those of you who opt to stay in and do the routine dinner and a movie on the couch and call that a date…boring! However, that is still more than I can say about the last group of you who probably don’t even date at all because you just don’t have the extra money, time or don’t realize its importance. Well, if you fall into any of these three categories, then back to my original point; “in just a few weeks you will never look at date nights the same.”

Our philosophy is, date nights are important in relationships to aid in constant connection and communication and should be done regularly and kept fresh. However, you don’t have to leave your home or spend a lot of money, to have novel date nights on a regular basis with your mate. You can enjoy at home date nights that are not your typical dinner and a movie, but are fresh, fun, exciting, competitive, romantic and more importantly delivered monthly so that you are reminded to never stop dating. That is why we created Datelivery. As a couple, we enjoy some of the best date nights. We don’t spend a lot of money, we don’t always have to leave home, we have fun and the date is different every time. Lucky for you, we have tasked ourselves with planning out at home date nights for couples everywhere and all you have to do is subscribe, wait for your package and enjoy what’s been planned for you!

Well it seems that you are sold and anticipating the launch just as much as we are, so stay tuned for more posts about our subscription boxes, relationship talk, date night experiences and anything else we can offer up to make your time here enjoyable.

Do you have regular date nights? Do you have at home date nights? Please share your thoughts on having regular at home novel date nights!

~Datelivery Team~

“A Unique date in a box delivered to your door”

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