September Date Night Box Giveaway!

Hello Couples! Have you been dying to subscribe to Datelivery, but weren’t sure if it was for you? Or maybe you are already subscribed and wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks! Well, we’re very excited to announce a new giveaway! One lucky couple will walk away with a free date in a box. We’re hosting … Read more

A Datelivery Anniversary Bonus!

If you are a subscriber you may have noticed that when you signed up for Datelivery we requested your Anniversary month. Why? Well, to us anniversaries are great milestones in any relationship, whether you’re celebrating 1 year or 50 years and we want to acknowledge this joyous occasion by sending you a little something extra … Read more

An “Unofficial” Date Night

  I hear so many couples say that they don’t have time for date nights. Well I beg to differ. Although some people’s time is scarcer than others, we all have time. We just have to take that time, get a little creative, and use it wisely. This is just what my husband and I … Read more

Balancing Work and Home Life

In our few years together we have experienced the demand of juggling our jobs and the rest of our life. There was a period where I had a work from home job and didn’t know how to shut down and “leave work”. Since I had my work computer and my blackberry at home, it was … Read more

Nurturing Friendship in Marriage – How We Stay Connected

“One thing I love about their relationship is that they are genuinely best friends.” This is what my maid of honor had to say about my husband and I during her speech at my wedding. Even though it was grouped in with a host of other compliments and moving words, this comment really touched my … Read more

Happy Spouse Happy House: Putting Each Other First

It was some time ago that I heard the quote “If both of you are putting each other first then no one comes second.” This quote goes against every selfish instinct that we have as human beings to focus on ourselves and our own selfish needs. However, the very essence of marriage and relationships center … Read more

Do You Remember the “Good” Times?

“Remember the time when…” We skinny dipped at midnight? We “borrowed” your parent’s car? We got a little wild on vacation? We got caught getting frisky in the park? However you finish this sentence, we hope that afterwards there are tremendous amounts of smiles and laughter that ensue. Like most couples, overtime my spouse and … Read more

Fiesta Friday Date Night in Celebration of National Margarita Day

In celebration of Friday and #NationalMargaritaDay try having a Mexican Fiesta date night at home instead of going out! Challenge each other to making the best unique flavored Margarita Ex. Raspberry Mojito Margarita (non alcoholic if you don’t drink) Then while you sip, cook up a nice Mexican dinner TOGETHER. Here is a really quick … Read more

Weekend Challenge: Date Night at Home!

We’ve made it over the hump and now we’re just one day away from the weekend! Here’s your weekend challenge: Couples planning to go out for date night we challenge you to instead come up with a unique/creative date night to have in the comfort of your home… No it can’t be dinner and a … Read more

Happily Ever…After Valentine’s Day?

So unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last 2 months, you are fully aware that “Valentine’s Day” was on February 14th. It’s that time of year where the smell of roses and chocolates fill the air and couples go the extra mile to make the day special for each other. They typically … Read more