Love Language Spotlight: How a Monthly Date Box Can Help With Quality Time

Monthly Date Box

Time is a precious commodity. Plenty of activities and people vie for space on your calendar. When you offer someone a few minutes, you prioritize that person. When you give your partner time, you express his or her value. When you spend time with your partner (who happens to have Quality Time as a love … Read more

Leaving Las Vegas — Date Nights and Romance Ideas From Around the World

Las Vegas Date Night

Love is a strange and wonderful thing. And it’s fun to celebrate! Whether you and your partner are still in the honeymoon phase or have been together for years, you probably have your own special ways to show each other you care. Maybe you treated them to a Las Vegas date night or let them … Read more

Love Language Spotlight: Acts of Service (Spa Date, Anyone?)

Spa Date

Love is defined and perceived in many different ways by everyone. For people with Acts of Service as a love language, love is an action. So, set up a spa date and get your magic fingers ready to give your partner a romantic back massage. If you are wondering exactly what this means, read on. … Read more

The Science Behind a Successful Relationship

Dates in a Box

Love and science do not automatically seem like they are compatible. But, they are more alike than you may think. Dissecting committed relationships to evaluate the likelihood of success is not romantic. But, when you understand what to look for in a partner, you will understand how to create, enjoy and foster a healthy and … Read more

Love Language Spotlight: Words of Affirmation — and Can a Subscription Box for Couples Help?

Subscription Box For Couples

Is the subscription box for couples a magic potion? What powers does it possess to fill hearts with love and speak love languages? Can it encourage Words of Affirmation as Dr. Gary Chapman describes them? Does it sprinkle fairy dust to strengthen your relational bond? So, what is the secret of the date night box? … Read more

Spring Cleaning for Your Relationship: Six Tips to Try Today

Date Night Subscription Box

Do you sigh enviously any time you watch a romantic comedy where the dashing Hollywood hunk and his leading lady drive off into the sunset to live out their happily ever after? Unfortunately, that fairytale ending hardly ever materializes under real-life circumstances. Couples eventually realize that the blissful honeymoon phase has ended sooner than they … Read more

Something Old: Relationship Advice Through the Ages

Monthly Date Box

“Fall in love, get married. Sex is encouraged.” These are the simple words of a 100-year-old doctor. Another centurion exhorted, “Don’t ever give up on love.” and “If you are embarrassed to be dating someone, you should not be dating them.” These wisdom sharers knew nothing of a monthly date box. Yet, they credited strong … Read more

Healthy Habits to Help Your Relationship

Date Night Subscription Box

Implementing healthy relationship habits to your lifestyle will help you achieve a solid and mutually-satisfying relationship. Dedicating time to your relationship is a commitment that can be challenging to keep. But, the payout is worth the work and effort. Keep reading to learn some important information about having a healthy relationship and the effects it … Read more

The Best Unique Gifts for Couples for National Wedding Month

Unique Gifts Couples

February is National Wedding Month, and what better to celebrate the union of a lovely couple than by presenting them with a thoughtful gift? When you present the perfect gift, the newly married couple will truly feel the resounding happiness you feel for them. However, with all the choices you have, your search for the … Read more