An “Unofficial” Date Night


I hear so many couples say that they don’t have time for date nights. Well I beg to differ. Although some people’s time is scarcer than others, we all have time. We just have to take that time, get a little creative, and use it wisely.

This is just what my husband and I did recently. We had a busy week with work and hadn’t put any time aside for a date night. That weekend we had a wedding to attend, so still no room for a date night. On the way home from the wedding we stopped by the store for a bottle of wine. The unspoken plan was to go home, settle in; I would pour a glass of wine, he would pop open a beer and we both would prop up in front of our laptops to do more work.

Instead this is what happened…

While in the store, I was torn on which wine to choose (as I usually am when faced with multiple choices). Therefore, I decided we should buy 4 different types and go home and have a wine tasting! My husband agreed and we grabbed four bottles of red wine, and some cheese and crackers to make it a complete evening.

When we got home we decided how the wine tasting would work. We love some healthy competition, a good laugh and rewards, so of course we had to turn it into a game.red_wine5

The objective of the game was simple; correctly identify the most wine types and you win!

The reward: Whatever the winner wanted!

How the tasting worked: 

We both were allowed 15 minutes to brush up on our knowledge of red wines. We hopped on our computers and tried to remember as much as we could about each of the red wines, including texture, dryness, and aromas (we also read the back labels).

Each person was given a set of 4 wine glasses (his set was different from my set).

We took turns stepping out of the room while the other person poured a taste of each wine into our 4 wine glasses. That  person then labeled the bottom of each glass with a post-it note that identified which wine they had poured into that glass.

Once all 8 glasses were filled, we each had to rely on our knowledge and memory of those red wines to help us correctly identify each wine. We smelled and tasted, and tasted and smelled. Once we thought we knew what a wine was, we set our glass in front of that bottle.

When we both were done, we went down the line pulling the post-it notes from under our glasses to see who got the most correct.

The outcome: Round 1 was a tie so we had to go at it again. (I was extremely shocked we tied. I just knew this would be a blow out, he barely even drinks red wine!). Round 2 I took the wine tasting crown! And yes I cashed in on my reward. 🙂

We had an absolutely wonderful 2 hours together, that wasn’t even planned. We laughed, had fun, and just really reconnected after a long busy week.

I agree finding quality time alone can sometimes get challenging; therefore, you have to make every moment count. When life gets busy, you often have to be intentional about making time for your relationship. Date night doesn’t always have to be an elaborate planned out event. Use your time wisely (even if it’s just an hour), and turn your next ordinary evening into an extraordinary, fun, exciting, “unofficial” date night…hey you just may be rewarded.

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