5 New Year’s Resolutions That Can Strengthen Your Marriage

There’s something about the start of the new year that entices us to make positive changes. Most of us make personal resolutions ranging from losing weight, to getting more organized, to making an effort to quit smoking.  Well, this year, change it up a little. Focus on making resolutions aimed at improving the quality of your relationship with your spouse and that will help you to be more intentional in your marriage.  

To help get you started, we have listed some ideas to consider when making your resolutions.
resolutions2016a1. Make regular alone time for each other
Spending time alone together is essential to your marriage. With all the busyness that marriage brings, you need time alone to reconnect.  One of the best things you can do is commit to a monthly or weekly date night with your spouse. If you need help with date night planning, Datelivery offers a date in a box delivered directly to your door.

2. Take up a new hobby together
Back in the early days when you were dating, you likely tried new things and enjoyed fun and interesting new experiences together. Commit to trying some new activities or hobbies together; it’s a great way to re-encounter that butterfly feeling you had when you were dating.

3. Don’t hold a grudge; forgive
Leave the past in the past. One of the keys to a successful marriage is forgiveness. Marriages are made up of two imperfect people. We all make mistakes, so we have to learn to forgive.

4. Show your love & appreciation more
Make a New Year’s resolution to show your spouse love in the way they want to be loved. Find out what makes them feel appreciated and cared for. Take the time to learn their love language and attend to it.

5. Replicate joyful memories
Remember to celebrate the fun parts of your marriage as well! Look back on 2015. What did you do that made you smile, laugh, happy or feel connected? Continue to do those things in the new year.

Great marriages don’t just happen. They require work and intentionality. Couples that invest in their marriage have a deeper connection and stronger relationship. Resolve to make this year the best marital new year of your life.

Wishing all of you the very best empowered relationship in 2014!

Datelivery Team

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